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Stucco the right way and long-lasting on budget. Offer continuous insulation with unlimited design capabilities.



We at Sky Stucco Systems install stucco contractor according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our experienced crew is highly qualified and works hard to meet deadlines. As a result, therefore, most of our Exterior Stucco projects have come from referrals.

Stucco is a System created by many layers to achieve a durable result. The final coat is premixed by the manufacturer and it’s composed of a mixture of cement, sand, pigment, and water. Stucco contractor can be easily painted in any color. We prepare the wall with moisture-proofing materials, Styrofoam insulation, fiberglass mesh, and base coat cement, following we mix the stucco and apply it to the wall already prepared and dry in multiple coats when needed; providing a durable, seamless look for the home’s exterior Finishing. 

A system that works

Following the Exterior Stucco and building standards,
to achieve long-lasting and professional work.

Stucco suppliers toronto Sky Stucco Systems
In any the color

We use Exterior Stucco wall Systems from Dryvit, Durock, Duroband, Adex, and STO For your convenience.

Sky Stucco Systems 5 Years guarantee
5 Years guarantee

Because we have full confidence in our work and product, we offer a 5 years guarantee in materials and labor.

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Professional manship

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What about DURABILITY?

Stucco is a very durable material to use in your home. At the same time will be adding an extra layer of insulation. It can last up to 50 years with little to no maintenance. Since stucco contractor expands and contracts with the weather, this reduces the risk of cracking or falling apart under the pressure of the changing seasons. 

Once the wall is properly Air & Moisture proofed properly the EIFS stucco will also be resistant to mildew, mold, and rot.

Offer continuous insulation with unlimited design capabilities.




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Termal & eco friendly

Having stucco on the exterior of your home can increase the value of the home for multiple reasons. Stucco is energy-efficient, fire-resistant, low maintenance, rot-resistant, sound dampening and adds great curb appeal to your home’s exterior. 

Not only will it add value to your home in the event you decide to sell but these benefits can allow you to apply for improved home insurance premiums.

Lucy FLucy F
23:10 02 Oct 22
Very happy with the work Yunior completed. Work is quality, on time, fair price and all is cleaned up after. Also was very helpful in referring a contact for other work that needed to get done.
Alex AAlex A
01:15 11 Feb 21
Sky Stucco Systems Guys they are great. Usually i dont do reviews, however i most say that helping them with a review is worth it, They are exterior stucco Contractors in Mississauga and they handle all the aspect of the stucco business, moldings and stucco design. we Started from a great client service, quick responses, answering questions very quickly yet knowledgeable. They had lot of patience with me because i knew only basic about exterior Stucco Systems. Initially I was looking for a Toronto GTA, Brampton or Mississauga Stucco Contractor for my project and come across with Sky Stucco Systems.Initially was a brick home and they turn it into a brand new stucco home. Great job, highly recommended.
00:45 11 Feb 21
The Mississauga Exterior Stucco Contractor Sky Stucco systems They did a great job. They said we will be done in 4 weeks but was done in 2 weeks and few days. The quality of work was stunning.
Ravi Kiran KonujulaRavi Kiran Konujula
14:55 24 Sep 20
Yunior and his team were excellent in all aspects. Price, quality, commitment to time promised and providing the best design and solutions as per my needs were a few highlights to mention. He explained every step of the process and helped me understand the quality behind the work.Very happy with the outcome!
Honestly, we can say that our stucco projectwith Sky Stucco Systems was by far the best experience we’ve had with any contractor in 10 years that we’ve lived in our house. Sky Stucco Crew crew are true professionals and flexible and were a real pleasure to deal with.Absolutely problem-free experience, excellent quality of work with attention to detail. They managed to accommodate all of our design ideas. As a result, our old brick house is now a head turner! We are really happy to have chosen Sky Stucco Systems!

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Minimalist Architecture
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Stucco is ideal for a modern home finish as well we are capable to create stucco in a variety of different textures, producing the look you want to achieve. These styles include; course, reflective, pebbled, smooth, and swirled.

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