Difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

Difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

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Difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

Purchasing a standard water heater can be challenging. What if you require one for a mobile home?  Is there a significant difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater?

A water heater is probably already set up in your mobile home. However, even with meticulous maintenance, water heaters have a finite lifespan. If you’re thinking about getting a new water heater for your mobile home, you likely have many questions.

We’re here to assist you when it’s about the difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

Mobile Home Water Heaters

The function of the mobile home water heater can be understood simply by looking at its name.

There are a significant number of people who make their lives in mobile homes that are fashioned after caravans. These fantastic homes now provide the possibility of having a water heater placed inside of them.

However, you won’t be able to make use of your standard water heater within a mobile home. Because they aren’t designed to accommodate it. Water heaters designed specifically for mobile homes are ideally suited for use in mobile homes. In terms of sturdiness and dependability, they are on par with other types of water heaters often used.

Mobile home water heaters typically have a capacity of 30 gallons. Which is lower than that of ordinary residential water heaters because of the limited space available in mobile homes. In light of the aforementioned, if you own a larger mobile home. You should feel free to select a water heater that has a capacity of forty gallons.

The laws that define the characteristics of mobile home water heaters. As distinct from those of regular heaters are established by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). It is important to keep in mind that mobile homes are only permitted to utilize water heaters that have received HUD approval.

Regular Water Heater

Regular Water Heater

In contrast to the heaters described in the previous paragraph, these are the most suitable for traditional applications. Because of the extra room, these heaters can be used for anything without the need for adaptations.

You won’t be able to put such a device in a mobile home. Because it is not designed to accommodate it. There is a concept called code compliance. Which describes the minimum requirements that a water heater needs to complete. In order to fulfill orders to guarantee that you have a positive experience with it. In any case, the HUD safety approvals and the rules for mobile home water heaters are very distinct from one another.

Difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater

In general, the primary distinctions that can be made between the two varieties of water heaters are as follows:

Power Supply

In the case of a conventional water heater, you will be required to decide between two distinct kinds of water supply: gas or propane.

Both of the power sources are integrated into a single piece of equipment. In the case of a portable water heater. The reason for this is that the mobile heater has orifices that can be switched between gas and propane.

The addition of this feature results in an increase in the cost of this particular type of water heater. Despite the fact that this is significant. The heater can be utilized even if the mobile home operates on natural gas rather than propane.

Flexibility in terms of fuel sources

If you choose a heater that is powered by gas. It will be adaptable to run on either natural or propane gas, depending on which you choose.

This allows for the utilization of any available fuel, such as natural gas or propane, providing flexibility.

Because mobile houses can be relocated from one location to another. Flexibility is necessary because natural gas is often not available in most areas.

Arrangement of the connections

One more distinction lies in the location of the connection for the hot and cold water inlets, respectively. All of the connections, in the event of a typical water heater, are located at the very top of the unit.

However, the connection for the hot water input is located at the very top of the mobile home water system. The connection for the hose that supplies cold water is made on its side.

The accessibility of a kit for securing straps 

The water heater for mobile homes is the only appliance that contains the fastening strap kit. The procedure of setting up the kit is made to be more user-friendly and uncomplicated, thanks to the design of the kit. It is used, as the names imply, to hold the heater in place, which is vital given the frequency with which the mobile home is moved from one location to another.

T&P Valve and Temperature Control

The water heaters for mobile homes are required to have a temperature and pressure relief valve, but in addition to that, they must have a temperature setting that is fixed and cannot be changed.

Even though T&P valves are a standard feature, a traditional heater gives homeowners the ability to fine-tune the temperature settings for hot water.

The Closing Words: Which One Should You Use?

Which type of water heater should you buy, a standard water heater or a mobile water heater, considering the difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater? The mobile water heater is your best bet if you are in the market for a heater for a mobile home. This type of heater is designed specifically for use in mobile homes.

Please keep in mind that in accordance with the Home Construction & Safety Standards, mobile homes are only allowed to use water heaters that are approved for use in manufactured homes by the HUD. If you comply with this legislation, you can increase the safety of both you and your family, as well as the protection of your property. Here was the difference between mobile home water heater and regular water heater. Even though the price of these heaters is higher than that of normal heaters, it is still a good idea to make the investment because they can assist prevent potential issues.


Do mobile houses require a different kind of water heater?

The Homeowners’ Center at HUD states that all manufactured houses are required to have water heaters that include a pressure-relief valve and a temperature setting that cannot be adjusted.

What kind and how big of a water heater does a mobile home have?

Tanks for heating water in mobile homes typically have a capacity of 30 gallons. However, it is not uncommon to come across bigger 40-gallon tanks in these dwellings. In most situations, a tank of hot water that holds thirty gallons will be sufficient to suit the demands of a number of people. However, if the amount of hot water that you need is greater, you may want to think about installing a tankless heater.

How long do water heaters for mobile homes last?

Inspecting, draining, and flushing a gas heater on a routine basis can extend its life by as much as two years while doing the same for an electric one can extend its life by as much as eight years.

Do tankless water heaters work in mobile homes?

You can install a tankless water heater on a mobile or prefabricated house as long as there is a gas line that is large enough to supply it or if you have an electrical cable & breaker that are rated enough for the electric model.

Is it possible to put a standard water heater in a mobile home?

No, mobile heaters are subject to a different set of regulations and must be HUD-compliant before they may be used in mobile homes. This is necessary to ensure that mobile heaters do not pose a risk to occupants.

It is against the law to use water heaters within a mobile home. If it does not have HUD safety approval. 

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