how much does pressure washing cost

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost the Smart Way

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how much does pressure washing cost

Grime, mold, and other unattractive things can accumulate on your deck, roof, and siding over time. This might lead to discoloration, a decrease in the property’s curb appeal, and even health hazards in the case of mold. Here is the ultimate guide on how much does pressure washing cost:

The removal of stains and undesired outside detritus may be accomplished most efficiently with pressure washing. Pressure washing does have a cost, but that cost may vary depending on several variables, including the size of your property and whether or not you perform the task yourself or hire someone else to do it.

If you’ve never done pressure washing before, you should learn about the costs involved and consider whether or not it would be more cost-effective to employ a professional.

Why use a home pressure washer?

Mold and other impurities that are ugly and constitute a possible threat to one’s health may be removed from a home with high-pressure washing. In addition, a filthy exterior may be an eyesore, and pressure washing is a method that can rapidly and efficiently remove grime from surfaces. 

The yellowing of your siding may be caused by dirt and other debris. The use of pressure washing may be of assistance in avoiding that. In addition, it is recommended that you give your property a thorough pressure washing before you begin repainting it.

How should pressure be applied when washing a house?

The high-pressure spray produced by pressure washers efficiently removes dirt and filth from surfaces. 

To wash the exterior of your house, you will need to acquire a cleaning solution from a shop specializing in home repair, fill one of the spray bottles, and then spray your home’s exterior in sections until the whole surface is coated. 

It is recommended practice to begin from the subsection’s bottom and work your way up to the top whenever possible.

Factors in calculating the cost of pressure washing a house

The overall cost depends on several elements, including fundamentals such as the scale of the project and the length of time it will need, the materials that need to be cleaned, and the difficulty associated with the whole undertaking. 

Homeowners must carefully consider the following factors of their pressure washing project before requesting realistic quotes for the work. 

Many contractors add a minimum price to ensure that the task pays for the supplies, travel, and labor. Put another way, they need to ensure that the job is profitable enough to warrant their time.

House dimensions

In most cases, the size of a house is the first factor that is considered when determining the cost to pressure wash it. 

Because the size of the home affects every aspect of the total cost of the job, including the number of hours of labor required, the amount of cleaning solution needed, and the amount of time necessary to complete the task, the pricing for many jobs is determined by the total square footage of the home. 

In most cases, the cost is between $0.10 and $0.50 per square foot. Instead of allocating the cost piece by piece, many contractors have a pre-established base pricing for houses based on the home’s estimated size, design, and several stories. This price is determined before construction begins.

Components of homes

When exposed to the powerful force of pressured water, not all varieties of house cladding perform as expected. When pressure washing wood siding, extreme caution is required since the material is delicate and has a high risk of shattering or cracking under the power of the water. 

Under pressure, aluminum siding may quickly have its finish scratched off or dented because it requires more effort, time, and caution to complete securely; power washing siding made of wood or aluminum results in a slightly increased cost. 

Even while vinyl siding may be pressure washed more quickly and, as a result, at a lower price, the process must still be carried out correctly since, just like wood siding, the pressure can harm vinyl siding. Pressure washing is not only not suggested when the outside of the home is finished with fiber cement siding, but it also has the potential to void the guarantee. 

Driveways cost less to clean because the textile is so reliable that the pressure of the water is less likely to harm it. This makes roofs, decks, and patios a bit more costly than siding since it is so simple to damage or etch them with the sprayer.

The complexity of the project

Because specialists won’t have to exert much effort to do straightforward tasks like power washing a one-story house that’s just moderately unclean, the price will be closer to the bottom of the spectrum than the top. 

Every additional layer of complexity adds time and money to the project’s total cost. For example, roof lines that are difficult to navigate, landscaping or grading that makes proper ladder placement difficult, or a mix of materials that requires repeated adjustments to the pressure and cleanser will drive up the total cost. 

However, by including more components in the project, it will be possible to reduce the overall cost of the endeavor. If you want to have the home washed with the driveway, gutters, and patio, the overall cost will be more than if you were to clean the house by itself, but the sum may be far less than if you had washed each of those features individually. 

It is best to inquire with the contractor about the possibility of receiving a price reduction. If you combine multiple projects.

Project time frame

The time it takes to complete the pressure washing process is another component affecting the total cost. The greater the price, the longer it will take to pressure wash the home, and the longer it will take. 

This is simply because a lengthier project requires a more significant amount of personnel. Which raises the total cost of labor for the project.


In most cases, pressure washing a property during the warmer months of the year is recommended. And results in lower costs. The colder months bring the added difficulty of freezing to specific regions. Which makes the washing process much more complex. And maybe catastrophic from a safety aspect; hence, severe weather might increase expenses. 

It is not cost-effective for a homeowner to wash their home just before the arrival of winter. Because the combination of moisture, reduced sunlight, and longer nights can result in mold or mildew. Taking hold of the house before the yard is reopened the following spring. At this point, the home will need to be washed once more.


The labor cost will range from $25 to $100 per hour. Depending on the local market where the home is situated. The labor market will determine this cost. 

Additionally, some businesses determine their prices based on a flat rate for the type or size of the home. Others tack on labor as a separate charge. This means that projects take longer due to the house’s condition. Or the home’s complexity will cost more work than the cost of materials.

Position on the world map

It varies from state to state what the typical cost is to power wash a house with a pressure washer. The northeastern United States and Canada’s coastal states are known to have some of the highest expenditures overall. 

Residents of more expensive areas may be frustrated when they compare these rates to lower averages in other areas. However, this disparity in cost most likely has to do with the cost of the water supply, the style and size of the home. The damage is caused by colder winter weather or salt spray, and local taxes and ordinances.


The cleaning of the outside of a house is not merely a matter of aesthetics: The accumulation of dirt, pollen, oil, and minerals over time may limit the lifetime of the house’s exterior, make the siding more susceptible to damage, and allow vermin to burrow inside the property. 

Residents in places where homes aren’t prone to much debris may be able to undertake a basic wash with a garden hose in alternate years. But there are some signals that it’s the duration for a home to have a bath. Pressure washing may be part of a maintenance program annually or every other year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two people do a pressure-cleaning job?

Having two males in each residence works best for us. The window washing consists of two individuals using various instruments to clean the windows. 

The same concept applies to pressure washing. Both gentlemen require the appropriate equipment, which consists of a wand in their grasp.

Is it simple to start a company as a pressure washer?

The pressure washing company is one that almost anybody can set up and run successfully. Your task requires very few materials for you to complete it successfully. 

This can be a perfect side business or a full-time endeavor. Take into consideration the fact that the typical cost of a task for pressure cleaning ranges between $192 and $401.

Does mold grow as a result of power washing?

You need to have the appropriate skills and understanding of how to power wash a property. To avoid causing damage that cannot be repaired. 

If it is not appropriately done, power washing may cause the following types of damage. The presence of water behind the siding of a house may encourage the development of mold and mildew.

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