Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Proper Guide On Painting a Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

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Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Painting mobile home kitchen cabinets is a smart idea for a variety of very excellent reasons. And you should give it some serious thought. Painting the cabinets is one of the quickest and easiest methods to update the appearance of a room that has become old.

You may cover up stains in the kitchen of your new used or mobile home by making a range of upgrades to bring it up to date. Give the space a more contemporary vibe, and give it an overall updated appearance. The simplest way to give the kitchen a more contemporary feel is to provide the cabinets with a new coat of paint and give them a facelift. This article will teach you how to paint mobile home kitchen cabinets.

Is it Possible to paint mobile home kitchen cabinets?

Yes, it is possible to paint mobile home kitchen cabinets house. Let’s face it, the majority of mobile homes were most likely not constructed with elegance as a primary issue in mind.

Their cabinets are almost often fashioned out of very inexpensive materials like laminate or plywood. And they lack any form of finishing that might be considered aesthetically pleasing. Painting your cabinets is a terrific method to update their appearance with no time and financial investment required.

Kitchen renovation is currently highly popular for the simple reason that the kitchen is one of the rooms in your home in which you spend most of your time. Naturally, you just want space in which you cook food to be tidy and well-maintained looking at all times.

How to Paint Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets?

Paint Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Before you can paint the mobile home cabinets. They need to be thoroughly cleaned with a solution of ammonia and water. Additional cleaning can be accomplished with the application of TSP or a degreaser.

Sandpaper should then be used to create a more textured surface. First, the primer is applied, then when it has had time to dry, the very first layer of paint is put on. After allowing it to dry completely, proceed to apply the second coat. If you are in a mobile home, it’s possible that your finances are somewhat limited. Or that you’re putting money away for potential expenses in the future.

Additionally, it suggests that you do not wish to spend a significant amount of money redesigning the kitchen. Or even other areas of the house in general. You can give the kitchen cabinets a new look for a quarter of the cost of what it would take to replace them.

Tips to Choose Primer and Paint for Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets


Primer is essential to use a primer before applying any paint. It guarantees that the paint will adhere to the surface. It improves the coat’s endurance, and it provides an additional layer of protection for the surface that is being painted.

In addition to this, a quality primer will also assist in the removal of stains. You can discover primer products that do not require any sanding to be done beforehand. Which you can use if you would want to bypass that step.

It’s also not necessary to prime cabinets unless you’re trying to cover up certain stains with paint.


The selection of the appropriate paint is of the utmost significance given its position as the focal point of this little undertaking. The employees at the hardware store in your neighborhood will be ready to provide you with sound advice regarding the type of paint you should purchase.

Glossy or semi-gloss paint made of latex or oil is what the vast majority of do-it-yourselfers choose to work with. The majority of paints are not as resilient as latex paint. Which can withstand the wear and tear of daily use better than other paints. Latex paint also provides an excellent layer of protection.

The choice of fashion is entirely up to you. It is important that we point out that whitish kitchen cabinets aren’t only fashionable right now but also look nice in the majority of settings. It is extremely unlikely that someone would choose to paint their kitchen cabinets a color other than white.

Types of Paints to select for Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Types of Paints to select for Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Paints Formulated With Polyurethane

POLYURETHANE BASED PAINTS are an excellent choice for use in the process of refinishing cabinetry. Because of the substantial surface preparation that must be done beforehand. Working with polyurethane paint might be a little more challenging.

In addition, you can apply this with a roller or a brush if you want. Paints made of polyurethane are frequently used by painters.

Latex Paints

It is not recommended to use this method for painting surfaces that are subjected to a considerable deal of rough handling. Such as kitchen cabinets, even though it is an excellent choice for restoring the inside or outside of a home.

Oil Enamel Paint

Because the majority of oil-based paints do not need the placement of a base coat. You can simply clean the surface and then paint over it instead of requiring considerable sanding of surfaces. This is because oil-based paints are more durable than water-based paints.

Combining Enamel Paint with Oil-Based Paint

This sort of paint emits a pungent odor that is characteristic of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which, if breathed in, can be dangerous. Because it makes use of an oil-based thinner which takes a large amount of time to evaporate. It can be spread with either a roller or a brush, and it needs to be left to dry for a significant number of hours afterward.

Utilizing an enamel paint that is oil-based would be your best choice for painting the cabinets if they are made of plywood or particle board. This would be the most durable option. Despite the fact that it is more challenging to deal with than some of the other possibilities. The quality & durability of the finish cannot be matched by any of the other choices.

You will need to ensure that the essential safety precautions are taken and that there is adequate ventilation.

You will be safe from the fumes of volatile organic compounds if you do this. On cabinets located in other areas of your home. you can protect them against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by using a variety of paints, particularly paints that are water-based.

Water-Based Paint

Because water can be used for both cleaning and diluting the paint, water-based paints are gaining popularity.

These are available in a wide variety of configurations and offer a surface finish that is both of excellent quality and long-lasting. They are easy to work with it and dry in approximately four hrs per layer. Which is a significantly shorter amount of time than enamel paints that are based on oil.

They do not emit any pungent aromas and contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than other types of paint.


We hope that by following this instruction, you will be able to give your kitchen the look you are going for—one that is fresh, clean, and brand new. In spite of the fact that it is not an especially challenging task, as you can see, painting mobile home kitchen cabinets can consume a significant amount of time. To complete the task in the shortest amount of time and with the best possible outcome, careful planning is essential.


Can mobile home kitchen cabinets be painted?

If the laminate is still in good condition in the kitchen, painting is usually the most cost-effective alternative for updating the space. A professional tip: even if your old cabinet doors have some mild crumbling along edges or corners, you can continue to use them.

Should cabinets be painted with a brush or a roller?

You can use the roller on the fronts or backs of doors and drawers as well as on the sides. Instead of only employing a paintbrush. You can apply the paint with this method for a more equal and smooth finish that also saves a lot of time. After that, you should use a brush to touch up small sections or regions that are difficult to access.

What type of paint should I put on mobile home kitchen cabinets?

Because of its long-lasting qualities, paint made using an oil-based medium is frequently selected by Mobile homeowners. It is very simple to clean, and the process of painting with it typically does not result in brush strokes being visible. In general, fewer coats are required of it compared to what is typical for latex paint. This paint does really have a very pungent smell.

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