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12 Ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms You Need

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Are you perplexed as to how there may be any spare room in your downtown apartment? When you have previously used every square inch? In this article, we will talk about some ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms, so read it to the end.

Before & After: An Unused Storage Space Becomes a Secret Playroom Hideout - Sky Stucco Systems 12 Ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms You Need.

Take a peek around, if you would! Do you remember that nook where you used to discard your newspapers? In your kitchen, what about the empty area between the refrigerator and a shelf? What about the walls that aren’t filled with anything? What do you do with the space above and behind your door? There are just too many ignored and disregarded pockets clamoring for your attention, don’t you think?

Top ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms:

18 Ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms You Need - Sky Stucco Systems

1. The Retreat from the Attic to the Suite

When it comes to finding extra living space or if you want to turn Unused Space Into the Rooms, there are times when there is nowhere else to look except above. When Alan Koch purchased this 1933 bungalow near Portland, Oregon. He realized he’d be redoing the attic space, which was 600 square feet. He planned to complete it sooner than expected. And, since he worked from home, Alan yearned for a spacious. Well-lit office in which he could stretch out his belongings. He reasoned that by accessing the upstairs. He could carve out exactly such a spot, as well as a nice master suite while leaving the downstairs bedrooms available for visitors and TV watching purposes to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms you need.

Alan’s airy aerie has become complete, thanks to the addition of a gabled dormer. That increases the attic area by 100 square feet. Alan’s airy aerie makes the most out of every single centimeter with clever space-saving elements. Such as the closet salvaged wood that keeps the passageway clean and clear.

2. The Basement, which goes from chilly to toasty

If you want to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms you did not find any space. Sometimes the additional space you’ve been looking for is literally there in front of you. When Elizabeth Willett discovered the untapped potential in her family’s 1927 Tudor-style home’s walk-out basement. She realized she had found the solution to multiple problems. Despite the fact that the house had already a fire and a small bath, “it had never been completely completed,” she explains. Whereas the roof was low, it wasn’t excessively low, and moisture—the devil of basement renovations—wasn’t a concern in this instance.

Soon after, Elizabeth & her husband, Chris, began envisioning the equal of an 830-square-foot extension. Less the new footprint, plus a slew of amenities for their family home. At the foot of the steps, they developed a family hideaway and entertainment room to turn Unused Space Into the Rooms you need. Guests may take a left and explore the wine cellar. Or they can settle onto a couch in front of a fireplace and a television. Davis was even able to squeeze in a complete bath, a laundry room, a food pantry. As well as a home office space into his little apartment. The family room, which has a rustic feel to it, is now a meeting place for their daughter & her friends.

3. A living room with a rustic, which often porch

If you live in a moderate to warm climate, a porch is an ideal area for serious relaxation. Because of its fantastic placement overlooking the yard. For example, interior decorator Tom Fallon renovated his porch into a full-fledged room in his New York house to accentuate this concept. He used a natural rug to anchor the furniture. Which is made out of old wicker and rattan that has been painted in a hunter-green hue. And he hung a mirror and a painting from the shingles.

Upholstered cushions in shades of navy blue, and white. With citrus yellow, offer a splash of color. While trim in a soft celery hue calls attention to the louvered shutters. Characteristic arched windows of the Carpenter Gothic, built-in 1875. Ways to Make the Most of Your Unoccupied Space. I Fallon notes that the home’s colorful décor contrasts with its classic aspect, even if it’s a touch quiet.

4. Intelligent Homework Station to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms

Bonus Room Ideas: 17 Ways to Maximize an Extra Room | Sky Stucco Systems

After school, four kids and their bags were clogging up the kitchen counter space. As a result, these homeowners built an isolated and studious environment for their children’s schooling. The top cabinets are used to store school and art equipment, as well as to conceal basement ducting.

5. An attic has been transformed into the ultimate kids’ bedroom suite

If you ask children, they will tell you that the best location to sleep will be in a tree home or even on a sailboat, like Max in the book In which the Wild Things Were. In this attic renovation at a century-old home in East Hampton, N.y., architect Darren Helgesen embraced that attitude by using warm materials and thoughtful touches to transform the gloomy, sloped-ceilinged area into a sailable two-bedroom apartment. Bill and Cory Laverack, the house’s owners, had already completed the remainder of the renovations.

He recalls how the couple’s four children would hide up upstairs with their pals whenever they had the opportunity. “It was always their favorite area,” Cory says of the upstairs hideout. “And it’s become the best hangout spot for friends.” Roof skylights, pine flooring, and plenty of shiny beadboard helped to open up the attic and make it more usable.

6. Converting an outbuilding into a backyard hangout to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms

When the Boughton’s moved into their new house in Brooklyn, Mississippi, they were given a sad, lonely shed to live in. However, when they were designing the side yard, they noticed that this small 12-by-12-foot outbuilding had the potential to become a focal point. They built a porch with such a reverse pitched roof, then placed salvaged cottage windows, and finished it off with a divided cedar shake roof to complete the transformation. Now, everyone wants to spend a night in their own backyard oasis, and they can!

7. From a drab basement to a magnificent movie theatre is a transformation

A wet basement presented an opportunity for Cathy and Bob Cerone when they chose to construct an addition to the 1912 Wilmette, Illinois, house to accommodate visits from her four adult children. Their design-build team found possibilities in the damp basement. In addition to adding on and completing it, they may gain space for just a media and gaming room that would be large enough for family gatherings.

The addition’s foundation and basement were excavated out by the contractors, who then demolished a portion of the wall that separated the existing and new below-grade facilities. The renovated basement level provided an additional 915 sq ft of living space while also addressing the moisture issue with perimeter drains & sump pump installation. A projection screen Television and a pool table are housed inside the area, which has a quaid ceiling. If the Chicago Bears are playing, “holy cow,” the whole family is in attendance, according to Cathy.

Troy, MI Finished Basement Recreation Area - Finished Basements Plus

8. A Practical Solution for a House with Limited Space

A tiny home makeover may be as time-consuming and demanding as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It was during the renovation of the three-room upstairs area of their Carlton, Oregon, home that Matthew & Darci Haney came to this conclusion. They replaced the old windows with new ones that really fit the fire regulations. In addition to a new bathroom, built-in furnishings, cabinets, and open shelving make the most of every inch of available space in the home.

9. From the Garage to the Comfortable Rec Room to turn Unused Space Into the Rooms

It’s a well-known phenomenon: the redesign plan you start with doesn’t always match up with the one you finish up with. For one family in Southern California, a garage remodel transformed their space from an informal playroom for her two young children to a good media room that is as suited for adults as it is for children. A seldom-used empty building near a pool provided a solution for the homeowner’s need for a space for his children to play Wii Sports, which required a significant amount of space at the time.

When the family decided to convert the space into a garage, the overhead doors were changed with carriage-style units, and a wall was created to accommodate two automobiles. Both of these features are readily detachable, allowing the family to convert the room back into a garage at any time. Building a ceiling, finishing the walls with insulating and wallboard, installing insulated flooring, and adding bespoke built-ins, a beverage refrigerator, and media equipment were all part of the project.

10. Vulnerability Backyard Solitude is a good thing

The screened-in area is 12 by 6 feet and was created by Karl Jungbluth of Boone, Iowa, throughout the winter months to utilize standard lengths of timber and produce as little waste as possible. Throughout the house, conventional lengths of low-maintenance hardwood plywood are used as flooring. As Carl explains, “since we wanted to dye it green and barn red, I utilized pressure-treated timber, coupled with a steel roof and composite decking.”

11. Constructing an addition over the garage

In Barrington, Rhode Island, Geoff Allen lives with his wife, Michelle Forcier, and their young daughter in a 1925 coastal Cape Cod. “We love our house’s setting, but it was a tight fit in terms of size,” he says of his 1925 seaside Cape Cod. However, although though the 1,600-square-foot, 2 house, which is the location of the current TOH TV show, was constructed as a holiday property, the family hopes to make it their permanent home. The addition of an additional bedroom and bathroom upstairs was the top priority on the couple’s wish list. A tiny property and tight local zoning regulations forced Brewster to design an extension that could only be built above the house’s linked, unheated garage, which was the only place that could accommodate it.

12. From the Attic to the Bedroom, with the Help of the Internet

Sky Stucco Systems| Pottery Barn Inspired Attic Playroom for Kids

Except for one issue, the little 1950s ranch was perfect for its new owners’ needs. They wanted to have a master suite. The only problem was that the first floor was already crammed with the kitchen, kitchen/dining room. The home’s one bathroom, and two small bedrooms, one of which was about to be converted into a nursery. Adding on wasn’t an option in this case. As a result, Claudia & Felipe Menanteau of Piscataway, New Jersey, went upstairs to check at the attic.

Cool attic playroom | Sky Stucco Systems

The staircase has been enclosed by a half-wall, which has opened up the area. Allowed sunlight to fill the room through the new skylights. Built-ins help to keep the room looking neat and organized. When extending the roof is not a possibility, skylights may be used to create the appearance of greater height.

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