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Trending Benjamin Moore color Palette for 2022 is Now Available!

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To say the least, the previous year was exciting. Millions of Americans were forced to return to their homes full-time due to the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. With lockdowns early in 2020 compelling many businesses to adopt work-from-home policies. As a consequence, we’re spending more time inside with our spouses, dogs, and children – and the term “home” has taken on a new meaning. Let’s find out the trending Benjamin Moore color Palette for 2022.

This is why we’re so happy to offer Janovic consumers the Benjamin Moore Trending color for the 2022 palette, which was just unveiled. With rich neutrals & sun-splashed colors evocative of Portugal’s cobblestoned beach towns. This year’s collection invites warmth and natural balance back into your most cherished and lived-in areas.

Off-yellow colors are also making a resurgence, giving joy to kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, and offices.

Replace your chilly, industrial greys and sterile whites with sunbaked colors. Welcoming tones this year to give your favorite interior and outdoor elements a new lease of life:

Repaint the entrance door as in 2136-40 blue-green Aegean Teal, or make a pleasant reading nook in OC-12 Muslin. You may choose any hue from the color trends palette that appeals to you at Janovic. For same-day pickup, visit one of the NYC locations or make an order online.

Benjamin Moore color Palette That Will Be Popular in 2022

Although subdued, minimalist greys, beiges, and whites may seem to be associated with contemporary design. Many of the country’s leading designers are now defying that narrative.

Shouldn’t our home design, which serves as the focal point of our everyday lives. The setting for our families’ most memorable moments, be as lively and colorful as our own personality types?

A space with just the perfect blend of strong, diverse color and soft, subdued neutrals is just wonderful. It has the ability to bring your most treasured furniture and décor to life in a way that cooler colors can’t. With that in mind, here are our five top selections from the Benjamin Moore color Palette collection (in no particular order):

Benjamin Moore is a painter who specializes in 2089-20 Rosy Peach:

This tint is slightly redder than coral, bold and vivid yet gentle enough to not be overpowering. For a stunning initial impression, pair with the greenish charcoal grey or perhaps a dirty purple tint.

Foggy Morning 2106-70 by Benjamin Moore color Palette:

With this exquisite, hint-of-pink, off-white tone, bring the tones of Fashion Week through your home. Violet, stone grey, or a dusty, old brown are all good choices. It’s the ideal setting for vibrant, colorful artwork or boho décor.

Benjamin Moore is a painter who specializes in Damask Beacon Hill HC-2:

This light yellow color is cheerful and very French. It would look great in a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room. It brightens up any area while being far from tacky. And it also has enough weight for an even more formal environment because of its barely-there grey undertones.

HC-86 Kingsport Gray by Benjamin Moore:

This warm neutral, which is slightly more brownish than grey, is our (surprise) favorite warm subtle of the year.

It may not seem much just on screen, but it works wonders on your walls. Providing a much warmer, cozier alternative to traditional medium grey. While yet maintaining a casual elegance. It looks well with a variety of lighter, brighter colors.

Aegean Teal 2136-40 by Benjamin Moore:

This teal color is also Benjamin Moore Color for the year 2022, and it’s easy to understand why. It exudes tranquility reminiscent of traveling through watercolor vistas along the Mediterranean shore. On a feature wall, let it talk for itself, or match it with a warming beige or a deep charcoal grey.

How to Use Interior Paint Colors That Are Popular Right Now in Your Home

The easiest method to integrate trendy paint colors into your interior design. Whether it’s a DIY project or you’re hiring a professional, is to prioritize the architectural aspects or décor items you want to emphasize. Then choose a paint color that makes that feature sparkle.

Of course, unless you intend to repaint and redesign your whole house, you’ll need to choose your “project room” first. If you really want to experiment with a bright paint color, start with a wall before painting the whole room. You’ll be able to observe how it blends in with other design components in the room this way.

Remember to contrast dark or aggressive tones with natural light, space, & openness. To put it another way, we wouldn’t choose AF-655 Benjamin Moore Silhouette for a tiny, windowless bathroom.

The ultimate product would be gloomy and depressing, and the color’s lovely undertones would be lost due to the cramped area. Allow lots of space for darker colors to breathe: high ceilings and skylights provide just the right amount of contrast.

Look for sections of your house that are already coated in neutrals but seem excessively cold, dreary. Uninteresting if you want to integrate a lovely, trendy neutral hue like OC-12 Benjamin Moore Muslin. For example, replace an ice light blue-gray with the gentler off-white Muslin OC-12. This upgrade is low risk, a big return since you aren’t dramatically changing your general palette.

Another area that suffers from a lack of color and may benefit from a fresh, on-trend shade? Cabinets in your kitchen. There’s no reason you can’t use a strong eggplant, coral, or teal, (like 2089-20 Benjamin Moore Rosy Peach, listed above) on flat-panel and Shaker cabinets, especially if the kitchen walls & backsplash are pretty neutral. Because repainting cabinets is time-consuming, be sure the color is one you know you’ll like in the long run.

Janovic carries Benjamin Moore color Palette

Are you willing to give your house a makeover? With a bold hue from Benjamin Moore’s palette, breathe fresh life into any interior décor (and outdoor, if you so want!). After all, changing the color of your walls is the simplest and least costly method to update your decor. You can easily discover a shade you like that complements your current furniture and artwork.

Stop by our local Janovic shop in New York City and speak with one of our professionals. If you’re stuck between two colors or just need help on where to begin your painting job. We’ll turn you away with materials, a game plan, & a few examples to try.

For more color trend ideas, be likely to follow us through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. With magnificent color from Janovic & Benjamin Moore, make 2022 your home’s greatest year ever.


What color is Benjamin Moore Trending color of the year for 2021?

Benjamin Moore’s illustration Aegean Teal is a popular color palette right now.

Take a minute to pause and refocus. Benjamin Moore Color for the year 2022 is Aegean Teal 2136-40. Which is intriguing, balanced, and wonderfully calming, creating natural harmony.

Which Paint Colors That Are Most Popular

White Dove, OC-17.

OC-65 Chantilly Lace.

OC-130, Cloud White.

Swiss Coffee. OC-45.

Calm. OC-22OC-20. Pale Oak.

Is Benjamin Moore’s coat really that much superior to regular paint?

Benjamin Moore’s Ben paint brand is a budget-friendly choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Although the coverage isn’t as fantastic since it’s not as thick. It’s still highly respected by some of the artists we talked with. It’s our opinion that it’s Regal Select’s younger brother.

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