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7 Valuable Exterior Home Improvement Tips to Consider This Fall

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Fall knocks in when the summer is almost over, and you are ready to welcome winter.

As the cold winds begin their journey, homeowners start to inspect their homes. This is the perfect time when you, as a homeowner, should assess the house and see which part of the home’s exterior needs maintenance. Well, here’s a rundown of the top exterior home maintenance tips you must count on this fall.


It is pretty easy and affordable to upkeep. Though stucco is durable, rigid, and very easy to maintain, it is still an integral part of your home that needs maintenance on a regular basis. It is a porous material, so it can absorb stains, and you need to get it cleaned. Also, any cracks, holes, and chips can develop on it once it ages. Take quick action whenever you notice dirt or any crack on the stucco. You can seek the help of a professional.

The best thing about stucco is that if it is in good condition or you upgrade it, then it can increase your home value. As already said, it is an ultimate exterior material, and usually, it does not require a great deal of maintenance. But you must clean it and consider contacting a stucco contractor if it starts getting any cracks.

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When did you clean your gutters? You may not remember but perhaps it’s been a while. It is imperative that the gutters of your home are clean and function efficiently. If they are not cleaned, they will get clogged with debris and leaves. This will lead to the water damage problem because the water will not flow away from your home but will run down the side of the home.

So, this fall, clean out the gutters and make sure they are correctly attached to your home. Also, check if there’s any gap between the gutter and roof; if yes, then get it repaired. Always remember that a clean gutter will function properly and will keep the water away from the foundation.

Exterior Maintenance: 7 Exterior Home Improvement to Consider This Fall


The roof of your home is one of the crucial parts which should never be left unnoticed. If a roof is in good condition, then it can keep you in a temperature-controlled environment. You need to clean it from time to time in order to get rid of dirt, grime, and moss. If you have big trees around your home, then there are chances that the leaves will accumulate on the roof. So, make sure to get it cleaned and maintain it nicely.

If you notice any leak in your home, then there’s a high probability that it is because of roof damage. Sometimes wind, hailstorms, etc., can damage the roof, and you will notice missing or damaged shingles. Also, if you have silicone coating, then heavy rain may damage it to some extent. Whatever your case is, it is important to seek help from a roofing contractor who can do the essential repair so that you can add more years to your roof.

Make sure you never ignore or delay the roof repairs; otherwise, a damaged roof can lead to many issues, and then you will have to pay much for the repair or replacement.

Exterior Maintenance: 7 Exterior Home Improvement to Consider This Fall

Windows and doors        

These are other important things to maintain because drafty doors or windows can result in increasing the heating costs. Not only this, it will let moisture do damage. So, check them for any visible gaps. See if they can properly get opened, closed, and locked. You can even replace the summer screen with storm windows.

Do not forget to look for weak and loose spots and if you find any, get them repaired. Replacing old or outdated windows is also a great option you can count on if their condition is not good.

Exterior Maintenance: 7 Exterior Home Improvement to Consider This Fall


This is something underrated, but you must count on plumbing and make the necessary repairs and replacements. If there are pipes that are exposed to exterior walls, then wrap them by using pipe insulation, or you can use heating tape as well. You can cover the outdoor faucets with a quality insulating cover.

Check the exterior faucets, sprinkles and make sure they are in the right condition. It is vital that you consider checking everything related to plumbing this fall and keep it up to the point so that it can function properly.

Exterior Maintenance: 7 Exterior Home Improvement to Consider This Fall


It is the pillar of the house, and maintaining it is a must if you wish to keep your home dry. It is vital that you do a careful inspection of it bi-annually and if you see any cracks, then get them repaired. Tiny cracks, if ignored, can lead to huge damages.

Leakage is one of the results that can occur if you keep avoiding the maintenance of the foundation. It should stay in great shape if you want to keep your house comfortable.

Exterior Maintenance: 7 Exterior Home Improvement to Consider This Fall


There are different types of siding such as Hardie board siding, vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding, wood siding, brick siding, everlast composite siding, metal siding, etc. No matter which siding your home has, it demands some kind of repair and maintenance from time to time.

Check if there are any cracks or areas that need repair. Dents, holes, and other damage to the siding can be fixed easily, and it will not blow your budget. The simple caulking an opening or replacing damage on time can add years to their life.

Exterior Maintenance: 7 Exterior Home Improvement to Consider This Fall

Final words

Maintaining the exterior of your home needs to be on the priority list. By inspecting the exterior of the home, you will not only improve the look of your home but will also enhance its life. So, make sure you maintain each of the parts of your home that are mentioned above in order to keep the major damages and problems at bay.


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