how to renovate a mobile home

Complete Guide On: How To Renovate A Mobile Home?

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how to renovate a mobile home

Renovating a mobile home is sure to increase the house’s resale value. Remodeling may give some mobile homes an upscale appearance similar to conventional places. You may quickly modernize your mobile home by using any available renovation options. Here are the tips for how to renovate a mobile home.

The owners’ preferences might inspire various styles and designs to emerge due to these concepts. You will find the many approaches to mobile home remodeling as you go through this article.

Ways On How To Renovate A Mobile Home

Renovating a mobile home is one of the most straightforward home improvement jobs. On the other hand, most mobile homeowners feel overwhelmed when they consider modifying their homes simply because of the design of their home’s flooring, walls, and windows. 

Planning is essential to ensuring that changing a mobile home goes off without a hitch. Renovating a mobile home is sure to increase the house’s resale value. Remodeling may give some mobile homes an upscale appearance similar to conventional places. 

In USA and Canada, you may quickly modernize your mobile home by using any available renovation options. The owners’ preferences might inspire various styles and designs to emerge due to these concepts on how to renovate a mobile home


Even if there may not be much room in a mobile home’s kitchen, there is always the possibility of adding extra space. To make extra room in the kitchen, remove objects that aren’t required and put away stuff you only use seldom. 

You may change the cabinets in the kitchen to give them a more modern appearance. If this is impossible within your financial constraints, you may acquire new doors or paint the ones you already have. Consider upgrading the cabinet knobs and hinges to more contemporary versions to give the kitchen a more modern appearance.


It is more difficult to install some types of cost flooring in a house constructed off-site. However, a mobile home can be fine without a particular floor to have an exquisite appearance. A portable place may have other kinds of flooring installed as well. 

Consider having a foundation that is made of wood or tile. Some remarkable floor design options are available for your mobile home, including wood and tile. 

You can install a floor covering in the space below your feet. If the house has an old carpet, you should get a new one and put it in. The new carpet should be able to complement and rhyme with the existing style of the property as well as the paint color.


Windows are critical components that play a role in heating and cooling the inside of a mobile home. The dimensions of the windows in a mobile home must conform to industry standards.

Windows improve insulation, which helps to guarantee that a mobile home’s interior does not experience extremes of either heat or cold. Aside from that, they also provide an attractive appearance to the property, both from the outside and the inside perspectives. 

You may install elegant curtains to improve the room’s arrival through the windows. Make sure that the color and design of the property are reflected in the drapes you choose.


Even though it may not appear conceivable at first glance, having a daylight and walkout basement in a mobile home is attainable. You may use a basement as a foundation for your mobile home, but doing so will need a significant investment of time and money, as well as the assistance of a qualified contractor. 

Because new tools and methods are constantly being developed, this procedure may now be completed with far less effort in the modern world. Your living area will be significantly increased with the addition of a basement. You have the option of constructing a bedroom in the basement.


Adding a garage is yet another remarkable improvement that can be made to the appearance of a mobile home. Adding a garage requires just the extension of some space on the side of the house. 

There are two options for how the garage is connected to the place: attached or detached. After adding a garage, each method will give the house the style you want. Adding a garage will give the impression that the place is more significant. You may keep some of your belongings in the garage and use the garage space if your mobile home is on the smaller side.


The siding of the house and the windows are protected from precipitation by the eaves. The eaves should have as much width as possible. 

The eaves of a renovated mobile home need to be more comprehensive since the roof pitch is steeper after the remodeling. They should have a width that is anywhere from 12 to 16 inches.


The roof pitch of the mobile home has to be increased to realize the potential of its design. A roof with a rise of no less than 4/12, as recommended by industry professionals, will provide the inside and outside of the house with an attractive appearance. 

The finest benefit is that precipitation, such as rain and snow, will more readily glide off a roof with a steeper pitch. Before increasing the roof slope, it is essential to examine the roof support to verify that it is stable. In addition to that, inspect the roof for leaks and fix them before you upgrade.


A mobile house has the capability of incorporating an outside living area. A deck will transform the appearance of your mobile home into something entirely new and more appealing. You may forget that it is a portable house for a little while. 

Add a couple of outdoor designs for furniture pieces to complete the deck’s look. It has the potential to be the ideal setting for unwinding with a good book in your hands. You may even drink in the night as you watch the sunset.


The mobile house includes doors that go both inside and outside of the structure. Most of the time, smaller doors have a less pleasing appearance. You need to give some thought to enlarging the doorways, given that the majority of mobile houses have just one or two.

Changing the doors out with much bigger ones is the best action. In addition, it is essential to choose an appropriate door material based on the environment in which the door will be installed. 

For outside doors, aim for aluminum materials. The width of the outer gate should be 36 inches, and the height should be 80 inches.

How To Renovate A Mobile Home On A Budget

If you decide to renovate independently rather than using a professional’s services, you may still discover methods to save expenses in either scenario. 

Suppose you are dealing with a limited budget. In that case, follow some recommendations to guarantee that you spend less money upgrading your mobile home than you expected to pay.

Budget plan

The most crucial step is to figure out your home budget before you choose the new look for your renovated space. It would be best to decide how much money you will spend on modifying your mobile home. 

You may engage a professional with that, depending on the amount of money you have available. After that, the remodeling contractor can advise you and help you plan the remainder of the budget for the supplies.

Buy secondhand

Materials for mobile home renovations that are brand new might be rather pricey. You should always use low-cost materials if you operate with a restricted budget. 

Buying used might be an excellent method to save money on building supplies for your home improvement project. However, to prevent purchasing products that have been used for an excessive amount of time, it would be beneficial for you to verify the history of the materials.

Prioritize house essentials

A mobile house needs specific rooms, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living space. Renovating any other home component while keeping these original features intact will not change the overall aspect of the dwelling. 

Renovate these essential components first, then move on to the less critical elements if you still have enough money left after paying for everything else.

Maintain a style

You will only spend too much money during the remodeling process if you switch from one design style to another. If you decide in a particular manner, be consistent with that choice to avoid incurring additional costs during the process. 

In addition, you may choose two different styles and combine them straight from the start. Because of this, you can purchase only the remodeling materials suitable for the style of the mobile home you want to create.


Home improvements not only make a house more livable and aesthetically pleasing, but they also often raise the property’s worth. However, given that not all investments in home improvement are profitable, it is crucial to perform enough research and seek the advice of industry professionals before embarking on any remodeling project. So you have to consider those things to get a proper answer on how to renovate a mobile home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it financially viable to renovate a mobile home?

Yes, you may increase the value of a prefabricated house by upgrading or modifying it. The most important restriction is that whatever reconstruction you perform should not break the housing rule since doing so will instantly impact your value. If you do breach the Housing m, your weight will drop quickly.

Is it possible to knock down walls in a mobile home?

It has already been noted that most single-wide mobile homes do not have load-bearing walls; thus, removing your closet walls should be acceptable if you own one of these houses. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire a competent engineer to double-check whether or not your walls can support any weight.

Would you say that maintaining a mobile home is difficult?

Compared to residences constructed conventionally, mobile and prefabricated homes provide several benefits, including cost and portability. 

Like any other property, these residences need regular upkeep and repair. However, the fact that they are produced within a factory means that their layout differs from houses erected on the ground.

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