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Extremely easy Step by step guide to Build a stucco home on a budget

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Step by step guide to help you plan or Build a stucco home on a budget. Whether you are in your planning stage or you are in the process I believe this will help you.

Acrylic-Bucket- Sky Stucco Systems Toronto Canada
Acrylic-Bucket- Sky Stucco Systems Toronto Canada

Stucco is among the earliest known materials for building brilliant homes and still receiving attention for positive reasons. Sometimes, when you glance around various communities, you will notice stucco homes have appealingly flawless houses and subtle colors. Stucco houses have interesting advantages, numerous designs, and merits that are sufficient to make your house project more sophisticated. This is just because their wonderful and seamless attraction and subtle hues will grab attention.

Therefore, after construction, siding installation, and painting, both the interior and exterior will surely meet your tastes. While enabling your house to breathe, avoid air barriers, and moisture barriers. To become a stucco homeowner while building your home on a budget? Follow the below steps.

Steps in Building a Budgeted Stucco Home

There are three most important steps you should consider when planning your proposed stucco home with other construction steps. Let’s dive in: 

Step 1 – Set Your Budget.

Building just a house is always worth it, in most cases is considered as an investment. One of the things you should do when looking into building a home is to figure out what you can reasonably afford. One good way to do this is to source more funds and set a budget.

Step 2 – Set Your Stucco Luxury

Generally speaking Getting a stucco design in your budget is most likely feasible, but what luxury means to you will be a priority. Most people do not build a house without changing their minds about their current situation. So ask yourself what you think about your next stucco home.

Step 3 – Ask Your Constructor

Pick the best brain once you find the builder you want to use. A person who has the experience and probably had done a similar stucco project is better. This can help with some of the decisions. You should be happy when it is all over and let your contractor know your priorities and budget. Contact us now for help

Follow the below construction steps to build your dream stucco home.

Ground Construction

A stucco foundation and erection can be constructed in numerous economical ways, in the form of an aggregate or a mix, and you can use a wide selection of stucco textures, including flat, pebbled, and laced textures. Mostly by signing a series of construction projects that incorporate stucco masonry building materials like coatings, 

Façade elements, using various building materials to make modern and contemporary residences with: 

  • Brick,
  • Timber
  • Concrete block, 
  • Polished concrete 
  • And coating and masonry. 

Siding Installation 

For any siding installation, you should make sure there are no obstacles to trip over or barriers to work around, and you should also clean the area well. 

Getting the Substrate Ready 

When applying stucco over an existing brick or masonry wall, you must fill any cracks with new mortar and power wash or scrub the wall with disodium phosphate and water solution. Before applying the first coat of stucco, thoroughly wet the wall, then:

1: Place a double layer of construction paper on the wall. 

2: Install Trim Accessories 

3: Install Galvanized Lath

Apply Synthetic Stucco 

Installation of synthetic stucco is the greatest task to achieve your dream home. Hire professional and certificated stucco contractors and avoid unauthorized contractors who will give present and future problems to you as a homeowner. Whether you’re using a two-coat or three-coat system. Undercoats should use the base coat formulation, while topcoats should use a lighter finish coat formulation. The final consistency of the stucco is critical; it should be just moist enough to stay on your trowel without sagging when held sideways, then:

1: Apply the scratch coat

2: Put on the brown coat. 

3: Apply the color coat. 

Apply a Base Coat Paint

Use the entire surface of the area you are siding as the base coat. Use as much as a 12-inch-thick coating for complete coverage. Allow the paint to cure for a day, and then apply the final coat using:

  1. Two Coat Stucco layer
  2. Or three coats of stucco layer 

Settle On the Popouts 

Popouts are accents that are placed around windows or around corners to give the house a look of depth. Depending on the project and homeowner, there are numerous styles and products to integrate popouts into the owner-builder project. 

Conduct a Review of Your Contractor 

Interact with your contractor to learn more about the strategies and tactics they’re willing to use. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each item before giving it the green light. 

Add charm

The strongest appeal to any home is to add bits of charm that welcome you from the street. Make your home uniquely different from your neighbors by using individualized features. A window box filled with artificial or real flowers, and a unique lighting system would help provide an elegant charm. 

Completing the Project 

Give the final touch, like wetting down the walls with a hose is the next step, like cement-based stucco needs to be wet for durability. Only after 3 complete watering on different days, then paint. In this way, other stucco models have a unique final touch. 

Stucco Home Maintenance

Stucco can be simple and inexpensive, but it needs to be taken care of. A proper maintenance culture keeps stucco homes very active. If you don’t take care of it, it will wear out quickly, which could result in you having to pay for repairs, and may even reduce the value of your property. To avoid this, ensure you: 

  • eliminate mold
  • Caulk and seal imperfections 
  • Reduce stucco paint deterioration
  • Make Repairs As Soon As Possible 
  • Stucco tends to get dirty easily, so keep it clean. 
  • If you apply an elastomeric coating, please do so. 
  • Select the appropriate cleaning product to clean your walls.
  • Do a visual inspection of the paint for cracking, bubbling, and peeling. 
  • Examine outside walls while they are wet and in other diverse conditions. 
  • Regularly seal it. Before applying stucco to your property, the outer surface should be sealed.

Complete your stucco building project with SSS. Sky Stucco Systems is a reputable synthetic stucco installer. For any inquiries? Check-in now.


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