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6 Essentials Key points to consider to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen

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Are you ready to take your outdoor entertaining area to the next level? 

‘Tis the season for home entertaining, which means it could be time to do up your outdoor area to meet your needs.

From a dazzling dining area to the latest in barbecue technology, we round up some of the exciting must-haves for your outdoor kitchen.

1. A multi-tasking barbecue

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These days, barbecues can function more like outdoor ovens.

For instance, some of Weber’s barbecue ranges offers additional features like wok burners, in-built smoker boxes and rotisseries – so you can fry, smoke, roast or even bake your food outdoors. And those that don’t may be able to accessories with them.

Barbecues are no longer just a humble grill plate.

While these functions are great for entertainers, large families or keen cooks, not every household will need them.

“If you’re not an avid barbecuer or you’re only grilling some chops for yourself or your family, then you can consider a more basic model, like the Weber Family Q,” Weber grill expert Laura Romeo begins. 

“However, if you love entertaining and having large parties then you may want a premium gas barbecue, which will have extra features built in.”

2. Plenty of workspaces

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A barbecue workspace is an area where you can do some meal prep, eliminating having to walk inside every time you need something. Basically, it’ll allow you to be amongst the action of your backyard entertaining area while getting lunch prepared.

“It means you can still entertain and socialise while you’re at the barbecue, which is really important,” Laura says. “People want to be out there with you, seeing what you’re cooking, seeing what’s for dinner, and they don’t want to be separated indoors and outdoors.”

An adequate barbecue workspace means less trips indoors.

Fortunately, an outdoor kitchen isn’t that difficult to get off the ground these days. Planning, design and installation can all be handled end-to-end by Weber.

“The Weber Outdoor Kitchen is a single, easy solution for you to design and build a new ‘heart of the home’ outdoors,” Research and Development, Weber Outdoor Kitchens Dion Corbo says.

“The Weber Outdoor Kitchen App, which you can use in store, offers a very simple design and planning process, where you can choose barbecues, drawers, cupboards, fridges, wok burners and sink modules, colours and finishes and so on. Once that’s done, a Weber representative can come measure your space, check it’s in line with regulations and arrange and execute the installation.”

3. Stylish (weather-proof) furniture

Fortunately, nowadays you can find outdoor furniture that’s both practical and stylish.

“We’ve found people are taking a lot more care curating their outdoor space,” Dion says. “A lot of the time, we find the furniture and décor choices are really light and airy, so you know you’re outside but with all the comforts of being inside.”

Whether you’re after an outdoor lounge suite, a 12-seater dining table or both, just make sure they’re built to survive the elements.

4. An outdoor bar-fridge

Bar fridges built for outdoor use are different to your indoor fridges, so be warned against buying a run-of-the-mill mini fridge for your outdoor kitchen.

A barbecue area doesn’t have to look boring!

“Our bar-fridges have three layers of glass on the door so they’re much less likely to have condensation, even up in high humidity like far north Queensland,” Dion says.

“Everything we’ve chosen for the kitchens is made to be used outdoors. It’s high quality, durable, and is going to last you at least the ten years that the limited warranty covers.”

5. Heating and cooling

After investing into your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to be able to use it all year round. Therefore, you may want to consider what will make it comfortable and functional on winter nights and balmy days.

For heating, there are options like portable outdoor heaters, or a fire pit if you’re not enclosed.

Cooling may not be as important, although some find a ceiling fan over your dining area to be an effective addition in really hot parts of Australia.

6. Smart assistants

Whether you have an outdoor speaker paired with your Google Home or you have lighting you can adjust via your phone, there are many smart devices built for an outdoor entertaining area.

There are even ‘cooking assistants’, like the Weber Connect™, that can help you perfect your barbecuing.

“The cooking assistant is a WiFi connected device that sits next to your barbecue and has a probe that goes into your food to detect temperature for doneness,” Laura explains. “It can give you guided cooking programs too. So, it can teach you how to cook a steak, when to put it on, when to flip it and take it off depending on how well-done you want it. It’s like having a barbecue expert in your backyard with you.”

All pictures are supplied by Weber.

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