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Boost Your Health big time With These Home Improvement Techniques

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For many people, upgrading the home seems impractical. But updating certain parts of your house may provide health benefits that could make it worth the cost. Simple changes to your home, such as renovating your bedroom or even turning your basement into an exercise room, can help lessen stress and improve your mood. For some ideas on how to make improvements that can benefit your home and your health, Sky Stucco Systems shares the following insight. 

Renovate Your Bedroom

Upgrading your bedroom can have health benefits. For example, noisy neighborhoods and city living can make it hard to get a good night’s rest. Adding insulation, sealing your windows, or installing room-darkening blinds and curtains can make sleep come easier by blocking out lights and sounds.

Spring Cleaning

Green” cleaning supplies have been catching on, thanks to their environmentally friendly ingredients. There are currently many different brands available for purchase in-store and online.

The seasonal transition from winter into spring can be a perfect time to finally start working on those home improvement and much-needed maintenance projects you’d been putting off all season. Consider adding projects like solar panel installation to your to-do list. Not only do solar panels help the environment by providing green energy; they also provide you with “green” money by saving you on your utility bills.

Finish Your Basement

Many homes have mold and dust in their basements because there’s no ventilation. You can improve the air quality in your basement by adding a dehumidifier and ventilation system. You can also upgrade this space to add a floor and exercise equipment.

Some steps you can complete on your own. However, hiring a professional can ensure you have an excellent HVAC setup to ventilate the area, improving your home’s health. If you install the flooring material on your own, don’t skip the subfloor insulation. Basements in Canada are prone to mold from excess moisture buildup.

Redo Your Stucco

If the stucco on your home is looking worse for wear, particularly if you think mold is an issue, you could have a serious problem on your hands. To protect your home and your health, first, complete any inspections to determine if any moisture has penetrated your exterior finish. If it has, it’s time to connect with professional stucco repair and replacement professionals like Sky Stucco Systems. 

Spruce up Your Backyard

Once winter’s over, you’ll be spending more time outside. Start planning now to make valuable changes to your outdoor living space so you can enjoy the warmer months. Some excellent options include adding an exterior kitchen. You’ll benefit from the increased fresh air and exercise as well as the chance to host outdoor parties.

If you need help planning your backyard’s redesign, consider hiring a contractor. While there are many steps you can complete yourself, a landscape designer can help you map out your outdoor dream space. They can also help you choose plants that are both attractive and good for your health. To save on costs, get a few quotes and compare.

Insulate Your Attic

A drafty attic has adverse health effects, including colder temperatures that can contribute to poor respiratory health. By sealing it thoroughly and adding insulation, you can cut your energy costs too. This will also keep your home cooler during the warmer summer months and help prevent animals from entering your home.

Improve Lighting

Poor lighting in the home can lead to eye fatigue and increase depression or anxiety. You can combat this by adding natural light, updating your fixtures, or painting your walls a brighter color. Increase the light in your home by adding skylights, which can be expensive but are long-lasting. Get an estimate from a few local contractors in Canada to see which company can help you add skylights and improve the lighting in your house.

Paying for It All

Depending on the changes you decide to make, you could be looking at sizable costs. And most likely these will be costs that don’t match up with your home savings fund. To help manage to pay for renovations, you have a few options. For starters, you can always refinance your mortgage and use your home equity to liquidate cash that can be put toward renovations. A credit card is also an option, but this can be a risky choice, and it will cost you more. If you happen to run a home-based business, these changes could be covered if you’re eligible for a small business grant. To find out more about potential grants, you’ll need to do plenty of research specific to your industry and region, and you’ll need to prepare a standout application. 

Make Positive Changes to Your Home

Your living arrangements can make all the difference in your health. By making a few cost-effective upgrades to your basement, attic, backyard, and overall lighting, you can enjoy your home more and feel better. 


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