The Pros' Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

The Pros’ Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

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One of the finest ways to revive your whole house, increase the value of your property, and renew your daily routine is to upgrade and update your home’s bathroom after reading this complete Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom. A comprehensive bathroom remodels, on the other hand, isn’t exactly a piece of cake either. To attain the outcome you want during a remodeling job will cost you time, money, and, most importantly, your energy. If you take the appropriate efforts to ensure that your investments are actually valuable in supporting your individual demands and your family’s lifestyle, you could make the upgrading process worth it. By following these bathroom remodeling recommendations, you can ensure that you obtain the best possible outcomes for your comfort, your house, and your budget.

Before you begin, figure out what you also need to be successful

It’s simple to get caught up in the world of social media and home design sites & fall in love with the bathrooms that are shown there. It is necessary, however, to take the time to discover what you will really demand from your redesign before being enthralled by the thrill of these well constructed and filtered places in the first place. Asking yourself (and responding to) a few essential questions is the most effective approach to do this:

  • What is the maximum amount of money I can spend on just this remodel?
  • What is my everyday schedule like?
  • Do I need a great quantity of storage space, or am I able to function with less storage space?
  • How many people will be utilizing the restroom area in my house on a daily basis?
  • What is it about my current place that I despise the most?

These particulars will assist you in laying the basis for the new design by prioritizing functional adjustments above everything else while doing your upgrades. Then you can concentrate on the finer aspects. Such as tile color, counter materials, as well as other design choices. Knowing that your new space will operate well within your daily routine & family dynamic… The answers to these questions should be available early in the process. So that you may discuss them with the designer before the project begins.

Debate on whether to use a shower or a tub

Even while bathtubs really have long been a common feature of bathrooms in the Salt Lake City region. Homeowners are increasingly opting to replace outdated tubs with larger, brighter showers on a more regular basis. In recent years, a bigger, more modern shower has been more common in master bathrooms. Where it gives a sense of grandeur to the area. When faced with the decision between a large tub and a large shower. It’s typically best to choose for the shower.

The decision between a tub and a shower inside your own bathroom. On the other hand, should be based completely on the answers to the questions you’ve already answered. Using your current tub to bathe a kid is a regular part of your daily routine, correct? So you may not want to give up your bathtub totally in that case. It is possible to install a huge, luxury soaking tub and shower in your bathroom. If the available space permits it.

In smaller bathrooms, though, it’s frequently better to stay with a conventional shower and tub combination to avoid flooding the area. The fact that this choice isn’t the most visually appealing on the list by conventional standards is offset by the fact that it provides a dual purpose that is necessary for certain households. It’s nice to have a beautiful bathroom, but the ultimate objective should be to have one that is functional for your family.

Create a Shower That Will Last a Lifetime – Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

You should consider the kind of shower enclosure you want to use in your bathroom if you intend on installing one. The type of shower enclosure you pick will have a significant impact on the overall appearance and attractiveness of your bathroom. Given that showers are often the largest component of a bathroom. They are frequently used as the main point of the whole space. In order to create a shower that is both beautiful and unforgettable. It is wise to set aside a significant percentage of your cash. It is essential to choose the most appropriate enclosure. There are a variety of possibilities from which you will have to pick.

  • Traditional glass shower doors may make a tiny shower seem larger by creating the illusion of additional space. This enclosure may be made to seem more contemporary by using glass doors with a pattern and improved fashionable hardware.
  • In the case of shower/tub combinations, shower curtains are the ideal alternative.
  • When compared to glass doors. It’s simple to switch out your curtains on the spur of the moment if your personal style changes over time.

When designing a contemporary bathroom with an emphasis on openness. You might choose to forego the use of a shower curtain altogether. Choosing this option may need the installation of a central drain. Additionally, you may be restricted in the kind of materials you can use for your walls, floors, and other modifications due to the necessity for them to be waterproof.

Apart from that, you may choose to invest in a few technological modifications to elevate the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. Improve the appearance of your shower by purchasing a luxury showerhead or thermostatic shower valve. With each choice, there are advantages and disadvantages. As well as an almost limitless number of styles to pick from in each category. In order to discover the best match for your remodel, talk about your tastes and preferences with your designer.

Selecting the Proprietary Materials – Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

You may make a significant impact on the cost of your bathroom remodeling project by selecting the right materials for your bath, shower, as well as other bathroom remodeling projects. When it comes to choosing the materials for the bathroom, you’ll have a variety of alternatives to pick from, including:

  • Acrylic
  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Piedrafina
  • Porcelain or ceramic tile is a kind of flooring.
  • A marble that has been manufactured

Each one of these materials has a distinct pricing range associated with it. If you’re dealing with a limited budget, acrylic, stone, or tile are all terrific choices for your bathroom remodel. In terms of pricing, Quartz and Piedrafina are a decent middle-of-the-road option with a touch of elegance to them. Among the most opulent alternatives available, manufactured marble & granite are among the most expensive, and their price reflects this. Remember to keep the budget in mind while picking your supplies to ensure that the project’s cost remains within your budgetary constraints.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Storage – Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

Keep in mind that while you’re trying to squeeze in the ideal shower and tub. You should also consider the necessity for storage space. Consider how much storage you’ll need while you’re asking your first queries. And make sure your designs take this into consideration. Shower storage in the shape of a ledge and niche should always be incorporated as a basic minimum in any shower design. Vanity and cabinet storage is an effective and often used method of adding more storage space. Those in need of more storage space may want to consider adding shelves & cabinets along the walls. Which will allow them to increase their storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Modifications of a minor nature Go a Long Way Towards

It is not necessary to make significant alterations to your bathroom while remodeling it. The addition of a few extra bells and whistles to your bathroom that don’t interfere with your restricted space and that are often relatively budget-friendly may breathe new life into your bathroom. Some of the minor improvements you might consider are as follows:

  • Shower controls that are cutting-edge
  • Putting in flooring with a high level of slip resistance
  • Installing electrical plugs into vanity drawers
  • Change the hardware on a drawer, a light plate, and the plumbing.
  • Adding heated flooring is a good idea.

Some of these renovations may need a larger financial investment than others. But each can provide your bathroom with a much-needed touch of elegance.

Today is the day to create your dream bathroom – Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom

If you’re ready for a whole new bathroom experience but need help figuring out where to begin. It’s time to get in touch with Bath Crest Home Solutions for assistance. With over 39 years of combined experience designing. And constructing bespoke bathrooms around the Salt Lake City metro region. Our specialists ensure that each and every project is completed with the highest level of quality materials and workmanship. By visiting with one of our designers & discussing your ideas. You may get started on designing your perfect bathroom right away.

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