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If so, do you want to screen it in or add windows/doors to make it more usable? You should see People Reviews about Patio so read our complete article. You will be able to find read People Reviews about Patio.

Patio Enclosures

Add screens or glass to an existing porch and deck to take advantage of the cool summer breezes. Remove and replace the enclosure if you already have a porch and patio that is covered. When it comes to quality and advantages, our enclosures are second to none. They’re custom-built to accommodate your current space.

With a Champion porch enclosure, you’ll have a better-looking house while still preserving your present views. Because of the little on-site work, upgrading your porch may be done quickly and easily. Starting with a screen room and subsequently converting it to a sunroom are fantastic options.

Patio cover

A Champions patio cover is really a great alternative if you want to spend more time outdoors while still having overhead protection. This is a terrific alternative if you want to create a shady retreat from the sun while yet keeping your patio exposed to fresh air & cooling breezes.

You have the option of choosing between a gable or a studio-style roof to match your existing architecture, depending on your taste. An additional benefit of a patio cover is that it allows you to install glass or screens at a later time.

The Best Patio Enclosures Ideas

We’d all want to spend more time outside and less time in front of the television. However, when going outdoors means dealing with the heat, cold, rain, and bugs, it’s easy to understand why so many people choose to stay inside on their days off.

If your patio is underutilized for some of these reasons, you should consider installing a patio enclosure as a solution. Whatever you want to accomplish with your outside area, you’re sure to find a solution that meets your requirements.

To realize how much you’re losing out on with their present patio layout, take a look at these creative patio enclosure designs.

1.  Backyard

A patio enclosure that looks out into your backyard is a great way to combine your interior and outdoor living rooms in your house. Include a direct gateway from the backyard to the rest of the home if at all feasible.

If you have large windows and screens on your covered patio, it will seem more like an outside room than simply another room in your house. Whenever the weather is beautiful, you may use the screens to start opening the patio. Increase your enclosure’s seclusion and control of light by installing blinds and shutters in the windows.

If you want a bright greenhouse effect, consider a glass roof and skylights. If the enclosure has a complete ceiling, use artificial illumination to supplement the natural sunshine. Put outdoor chairs and garden pots in all the enclosed spaces.

2.  Freestanding

It’s more difficult to build an independent patio enclosure than it is to extend your house’s exterior. Pergolas are an excellent place to begin. Improve your shelter by building a pergola with a complete ceiling.

A pergola with a semi-enclosed roof is ideal for sheltering visitors and their possessions from the weather. If you want a pleasant outdoor place that can be used for a variety of activities, consider a large cabana. And If you want a bit extra privacy or shelter from strong winds and rain, thick drapes or sliding screens are a good option.

If you have a covered patio, consider installing recessed lights or a ceiling fan. These ceiling lights will make the room more functional at all times of the day and night (and seasons).

3.  Glass

A glass enclosure is the best option if you want to maximize the amount of natural light coming into your patio enclosure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or snowing outside; these enclosures may still look great.

Optional screen panels permit fresh air into glass patio enclosures. A design plan that slides open entirely for an outside area that adapts to your specific requirements may also be found.

Patio enclosures, whether freestanding or attached, may benefit from the use of glass structures. They may save space in a small yard and are often less expensive.) This is an excellent option if you’d want to protect your patio from the elements while yet keeping your view unobscured.

4.  Modern

Stick to a basic color scheme and clean lines for your patio enclosure if you want to make a statement. Warm up the area using natural elements like plants, wood grain, & poured concrete.

Modern patio furniture & landscaping look great with pergola-style enclosures. Decorate with modern geometric furniture and art to give the room a fresh look.

Be resourceful with your outside lighting since the sun will set sooner rather than later. From the enclosure’s ceiling, you may hang pendant & globe string lights for a beautiful look. Alternatively, consider installing recessed lights in your patio’s design throughout.

5.  Outdoor

Focus on comfort & usefulness while creating an indoor-outdoor living environment. Place emphasis on patio enclosure lighting, heating, and cooling. Your enclosure wall will be more comfortable to live in if you add a layer of insulation to them.

When picking patio enclosure furnishings, take a leaf from your living room. Indoor furniture, such as couches and chairs, may be used in your design. Don’t forget to cover the area completely and keep it out of direct sunshine.

Use shades or drapes to provide a layer of seclusion if desired. When watching a movie or doing some yoga, you may wish to decrease the lights if the room is too bright.

People Reviews about Patio:

Every sunroom we design and build is something we are proud of so see People Reviews about Patio. To be sure, we use high-quality materials and employ skilled craftspeople, but don’t take our word for it. People Reviews About Patio are very positive so people are always willing to spread the word about how great their experience has been working with us.

1.“Your interior designer was meticulous, professional, well-versed, and imaginative. He was thorough in his explanations and patient with us as we made changes to our minds about certain aspects as he went along. The experience was fantastic! We’re still debating, but after speaking with the salesperson, we’re leaning toward Patio Enclosures.”

In the words of Sue H.

2. This company’s goods are top quality, competitively priced, and their salesperson was quite competent. Patio Enclosures is an excellent choice.”

Patsy C. | 2021 August

3. “From the first meeting with Jim until the end of the project, we were pleased by Patio Enclosures’ quality and service.

Throughout the process, Whitney did a great job of providing updates and answering our questions.”

in the words of Gail M. from July 2021:

4. “Patio Enclosures’ Matt was a pleasure to deal with; he was meticulous and open about everything. In the event you’re in need of an enclosure, these people are the ones to contact.”

in response to Michael O., in July of the year 2021

5. “A+ for the screened-in porch I have in my house. Mike S., the salesman, did an outstanding job for me. He patiently worked for me until I was satisfied with the layout. They installed the screens in no time flat, and now my porch is just gorgeous. I’m delighted, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. For a few more dollars, I could have gotten x-tall screens, which were well worth it! It’s stunning. Patio Enclosures is grateful for Mike and all of his hard work. It’s fantastic!”

The writer, Lynn C., hails from Livonia, Michigan.

6. “Throughout the project, everybody I worked with left an impression on me. Customer service was top-notch; my salesperson, Seth, was exceedingly helpful and courteous throughout the transaction. Krystal was a joy to work with since she kept me well informed and was always upbeat. It was done by Tibor, who also completed the installation and took measurements of my porch. It’s impossible for me to express how much I enjoyed working with him. In terms of all of these attributes, he was head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. This man went out of his way to make sure that I was satisfied. The end product is beautiful and of excellent quality, and that impresses me much.”

In the words of Rina W., in April of 2021.


How much money should you spend on a patio enclosure?

Sunroom additions are a financial commitment, but they will pay dividends on the road. estimates that sunrooms have a 72 percent resale value return, meaning they considerably increase the value of your house.

An enclosure for a patio isn’t cheap.

Putting up a patio enclosure may cost anywhere from $8,238 and $25,049. The average cost is roughly $16,640. You may expect to pay anything from $22 to $75 per squares foot for its features, labor, and materials, depending on your concept.

Patio enclosures have been around for how long?


Since 1966, Patio Enclosures is already in operation. Patio rooms, year-round sunrooms, conservatories, and sunroom kits are just a few of the many options available from the firm when it comes to sunrooms. Cleveland, Ohio, is home to the company’s headquarters and the manufacturing facility where all its goods are made.

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