Sky Stucco Systems Home Maintenance Checklist for Winter

A Great Home Maintenance Checklist for Winter

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Winters can be extremely harsh, so we put together a Home Maintenance Checklist for Winter

A storm in these winter conditions can take the country back by a billion dollars in damages. So, to avoid expensive repairs, make sure your house is ready for winter.  

We understand how overwhelming it may seem, that is why we will help you prepare and protect your house from the harsh winter. Take out a pen and paper and be ready to make your home maintenance checklist for this winter. Here is what you need to do: 


It goes without saying how important it is to maintain sump pumps. They are essentially the last line of defense against floods and drain water. For this purpose, test the pump before winter arrives. Often people ignore this and end up having a flooded basement thereby damaging the foundation of the building. 

To check if it is working well, locate the exit pipe first. Check for any debris residue or dirt. In case it is clogged, clean it well. To put things into perspective, you need to direct the water away from your house’s foundation. 

If this work is proving too much for you, let the professionals handle it. A lot of people undervalue the importance of plumbing. Before winter arrives, it is best you make the necessary repairs and replacements. Wrap the pipes that are exposed to walls using heating tape and pipe insulation. Investigate the condition of sprinkles, faucets and get them repaired if required. It is vital that you understand one of the most essential things you need to ensure before winters is that your plumbing is in place. So, hire a professional plumbing service and let them take care of these tasks for you. 


Before the clock hits winter, get your stucco repaired. Winters are not the best time to repair things. And something like stucco does not usually require constant maintenance but you must so as to increase the life of the wall. In other words, if you have installed stucco in your home, clean it and check for any cracks. 

Most times people keep prolonging repair work but that is not wise. If there is any crack and you leave it exposed before winters, the damage will only increase. Before you know it, the situation will worsen and you’ll end up spending hundreds of extra dollars. Stucco repair is not something that you can do yourself. While you can clean the dirt and check for any damage, having professionals investigate the condition of your stucco has a lot of benefits. 

Putting things into perspective, stucco is rigid, durable, and pretty simple to maintain. Being a porous material, it absorbs a lot of stains. So, before you welcome winters, seek help from professionals and get your stucco clean and fixed. 


Winter is around the corner and you need to make sure your house is well insulated. It can get really cold really fast. And windows are a great way to let the natural light of the Sun warm your house. Especially in areas in the house that have no ventilation like a basement, maintaining window wells is vital. 

If it is not maintained well, you are putting your basement at risk. So, before winter sets in, do a close inspection of the window wells. It is the time of the year when the problem can only get worse. 

Window well flooding is very common. One of its major contributors is liner failure. That is why you must ensure that the liner is not detached from the foundation wall otherwise the soil pressure can increase the gap between the liner and the wall causing flooding. So, inspect the liner and in case it is loose, replace it without any delay. 

Electrical System 

The weather is changing. It is starting to stay darker for a longer time. The last thing you want at this hour is a power failure. Isn’t that really annoying? 

You do not want the electrical system failing during these months. So, before the winter kicks in completely, make sure you do complete electrical system maintenance. Inspect the main panel for any breakage of wires, sparking, bad insulation, or discoloration of the wires. This is something you cannot ignore. 

Head to your nearest hardware store and get yourself a multimeter to test power flow through the circuits. Do not forget to check all the wall sockets and most importantly the heating system. Imagine your heating system breaking down during peak winters. Not ideal, right? 

So, to avoid such a situation, make sure you have listed electricity system maintenance in your checklist. 

Prepare for Storms

Winter is harsh. Often it brings sleet, blizzards, and rain. So, it is only wise to be prepared ahead of time. This way, next time a storm hits, it won’t leave you in trouble. If you have a generator, make sure it is working properly. It is always best to store flashlights and batteries in case there is any blackout or power outages. 

Another thing you can do is to get yourself a battery-operated radio in your house in case your cell phone reception runs into any trouble. However, this is highly unlikely in urban areas but not impossible. It is always best to be prepared and practice home improvement than lament afterward. 


So, you see there are loads of things you need to do before winter arrives. The list above is only a few things that you need to do. There are several other essential points that you need to add to your list like sealing leaking doors, weatherproofing exterior pipes, cleaning vents, and a lot more. So, start by these but do not limit your maintenance checklist with the above points. Weatherproof your house by performing all the preventive maintenance. This way the cold and wet stay outside. 

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by all this work. In case you feel the same, hire professionals to help you with these tasks. While they are not too complicated, it is always best to have experts work and carry out proper maintenance activities. 


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