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How to Deal with the Five Biggest Weather-Related Issues Your Home Will Face

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Buying a home is the most expensive purchase you’ll make.

It makes sense that homeowners strive to keep their homes in the best possible shape throughout the years. Everyday wear and tear is something we can plan and save for, but weather-related damage can come about at the drop of a dime. A freak storm can cause damage we aren’t prepared to pay for.

Thankfully, there are some precautionary steps homeowners can take before bad weather hits that can cut down on the cost of repairs.
Roof Issues

Every problem the weather can throw at you will affect the roof of your home in some way. With that in mind, it is important to make sure your roof is always in the best possible condition to avoid further damage should an inclement weather situation occur. Inspect regularly for loose or missing shingles. If your roof is metal, inspect for bent, corroded, or missing panels.

The roof is such an integral part of the home that it is important to have it professionally inspected once a year. If you ever plan to sell your home, the roof is one of the first things potential buyers will check out. Redfin notes buyers can use roof problems as a serious bargaining chip, and a roof in good shape. With that said will automatically bring the homeowner over 50% more on the selling price.

Water Management

Problems with your water management can cause catastrophic damage to your property. Stop any potential problems by identifying areas like bathrooms. Whenever possible, take steps to recover rainwater, collect condensation from your air conditioning unit, and replace any older bathroom fixtures that were installed before the mid-1990s. Also, if you live in a humid climate, make sure you understand how you can prepare your property before the temperature rises.

Outside Storm Damage

Wind, rain and hail can all damage outside structures, lawn furniture, and fixtures. Hail can even bust windows in your home and car. Strong winds can uproot trees and toss them into your home and anything you have around it. Consider bolting downswings and outdoor furniture. Use building materials that are made for the weather in your area.

Fire Damage

When homeowners consider possible fire damage to their home, it isn’t often related to weather. Wind, lightning, and wildfires can all be a source of damage to your home. With that said, Keep embers from wildfires outside by screening your vents and eaves openings. It only takes one to catch carpeting or drapes on fire. Ensure you use fire-retardant fabrics inside, and clear flammable materials from near your home. Combat the possibility of fires of any sort by making sure all wiring and fuses are up to code.

Wind Damage

A heavy wind can not only break windows and rip off gutters and shutters, but it can also cause damage to your roof, chimney. Is recommended to Use impact-resistant windows and storm doors to help ward off wind damage, and make sure screens on windows and doors fit properly. Make sure the rubber boots around vents and pipes are not cracked or dry. Replace anything that is worn.

Hire a Pro to Repair Weather-Damaged Stucco

most of the time Fire, wind, rain, and hail can all wreak havoc on your home’s stucco. If yours is looking a little worse for wear, the experts at Sky Stucco Systems can give your home’s exterior new life. Our knowledgeable team and high-quality materials will boost your home’s curb appeal and protect your property from further damage. We also offer a 5-year guarantee on our work for both materials and labor. If your home’s stucco has suffered weather- or age-related damage — or if you’re simply ready to give your home a facelift — contact Sky Stucco Systems today!

Owning a home is a big milestone in life. While a lot of expenses go hand-in-hand with homeownership, it is possible to keep them at a minimum with some forethought and planning. Take action to prevent trouble by keeping your home in good shape. The better you keep up with maintenance now, the more you will be able to get for your home when it comes time to sell.

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