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Can You Stucco In Winter?

Yes, you can Stucco during winter!

and enjoy your next in your beautifully renovated home.

You finally got that house done; everything is in place except for the finishing touches. You have been eyeing a particular stucco design for a while, dreamed about it even. Unfortunately, it is during the winter, and you are not sure if that stucco is doable at all. Probably you have just moved into that new rental house you have been saving up for, and you are thrilled. As you walk in you are faced with the hideous gaunt concrete and metal surfaces that put a downer to your thrill. The harsh winter is making it even almost unachievable. The beautiful idea of that stucco is slipping from your fingers and becoming questionable as winter temperatures drop. Is it possible to stucco in the winter? Yes, rest easy because there is a way to liven up your house.

How Can You Stucco In The Winter?

Stucco can be certainly installed in the winter by the use of an enclosure and a source of heat. Why is this? The pros of stucco in warmer temperatures is that the EIFS components that are a weather barrier, Styrofoam adhesive, base coat, and finish coat that contain water evaporates. The evaporation causes the materials to cure, thus the even color and texture of the finish. Sky Stucco Systems As an Exterior Stucco Contractor we recommend keeping heated the wall until the base coat has been fully dry.

Here i show you some results of poor cold weather stucco installation. if it’s done in cold weather and no properly done, on the other hand, leads to slower evaporation such that the materials cure too slowly. The resulting product is the unevenness of the texture and color due to efflorescence. Efflorescence is where the materials produce a white powder leading to unevenness. Other adverse effects are coat delamination; which is peeling off and Styrofoam adhesive failure that causes the wall to crack and even fall off in chunks. So for Winter stucco installation is better to find a contractor that provide insurance in his work for the long term.

What Is An Enclosure?

This is basically making a tent like structure to heat the stucco mixture. Start by draping tarp over the scaffold hence securing it to the structure. The enclosure is used to stabilize the heat made using tarps that cover the scaffold up to your wall. Since it is neither airtight nor energy efficient, it traps heat from heaters known as salamanders enough to keep it from freezing. The heaters burn up propane and direct it at an angle to the wall. This covers a larger surface area as heat rises from the base upwards. Heating the stucco mixture keeps it from freezing. This, therefore, creates conducive temperatures for the materials to cure properly.

What You Will Need To Stucco

  • Salamanders -salamanders are generally heaters.  They are inherently inexpensive hence very affordable for the owner to rent.
  • Propane tanks – now the propane will literally take up most of the cost since they do not last too long. For
    example a 100 lb. The propane tank lasts 14-15 hours. This translates to a new tank at the end of every shift to last night.
  • A license – to operate a salamander you need a license. Most rentals for salamanders won’t let you rent one without a license. A license cost ranges about $120.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

Remember to note that:

  • The wall should be heated to the right temperatures before starting construction every day. That is about 5 degrees Celsius.
  • In the cold weather, it is also advisable to use criticized stucco. This is to help the stucco, not to shale.
  • Always have a heated room in a basement to store the materials off the ground. Now worry no more because that stucco is within your grasp irrespective of the biting cold temperatures. That room, that house can be transformed into the design fantasy you have always had. You can turn that ordinary house into an extraordinary design during the winter. You do not have to wait for the summer. With these tips, bring that stucco into the winter. Read our previous blog about stucco crack repair here.
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