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Literally, When building a house or buying one, we all want to make sure that the walls, the external walls especially, are well built and clearly attractive to the eyes.

A very popular and classical way of making externals walls look attractive is cladding, also known as house appareling or clothing. House cladding is very popular around the globe and quite visible in many neighborhoods in Ontario. So what makes cladding a viable option for anyone building or buying a house? Is there more to all types of cladding than their beauty? Why is cladding important in your house?


Cladding is the process of adding an extra layer to the wall (mostly the external walls)  giving it a combination of beauty and strength. The design part of the added layer must be facing the viewer. It mostly requires insulation, which is more or less the primary surface or material added before the designed layer. This layer constitutes the final element of the clothing process to be added.  This insulation also helps in closing the space gap between the built wall and the yet to be done cladding. Some very popular elements used in the cladding process of houses in Ontario and around the world are cement, aluminum, wood, recycled polystyrene, etc.

Commercial building cladding in Toronto made by Sky Stucco Systems


There are many external house cladding ideas that have been generated from many designers or architects throughout history. These ones are the most relevant today, whether you live in Toronto or in Mississauga.

Brick Cladding


As the name already indicates brick cladding is the use of bricks as an additional cover for the primary surface or the external walls. The bricks selected are usually selected based on strength and beauty.

 Residential  building cladding in Ontario  under Sky Stucco Systems

Curtain walling in a building or house cladding

This type of appareling is very popular with commercial building constructors and skyscrapers experts. It is made up of aluminium and materials such as glass, stone veneer and metal panels.


Picture taken Lisanto

Fiber Cement Cladding

Fiber cement clothing is usually considered as an alternative to wooden cladding. Looking from afar one can barely tell the difference between the two. Although from a closer perspective you will realise that the fiber cement appareling is heavier and provides high strength along with the aesthetic appeal. As the name indicates, it is made from a more refined quality of cement.

rough concrete wall of white color WHY DOES YOUR HOUSE CLADDING MATTER?
Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

Wooden cladding

Wood is a very popular component in cladding and is very visible in many cities in Ontario. In regions with high forest density, the wooden clothing system is very much used for residential buildings and even some office buildings.  It is very aesthetically attractive but not as resistant as the other types of cladding, since the main component is the wood. This type of apparel is mostly patronized by high-income owners, since it costs more than usual to take care of wooden components.


Photo taken by Denise Hahn

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Stucco cladding

Among the external house cladding ideas you can think about, stucco cladding is a different group of cladding on itself. Very popular among Canadians, it has a lot of variations and while most cladding components are dry and fixed to the structure with screws or fittings, the stucco is a wet coat applied similar to plaster. One thing you have to consider here is, whether you will use traditional Stucco or the Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS). Both of them are very similar and any expert you meet in Ontario will tell you that the difference lies in the R-value (ability of the material to resist heat flow). The EIFS gives the R-value to the wall, while because of the absence of insulation the traditional stucco doesn’t.  If you are interested in Stucco, you can check out here the most prominent ones in Toronto during 2021. You can also reach out to the experts from the Sky Stucco Systems for further clarifications.


Residential  building cladding in Toronto made by Sky Stucco Systems

Metal Cladding

Metal clothing is very popular with industrial building contractors and has a composition based on metal or foil. It is very affordable and easier to remove than the other types of house clothing.


Picture taken by Markus Spiske

Stone Cladding

This type of cladding involves the use of natural stones such as granites or marbles, to protect the exterior interface of the wall. It is a thin layer of stone covering giving both beauty and resistance to the external wall. Depending on the size of the stones being used, it may require more or less work.

facade of old stone building with sculpture WHY DOES YOUR HOUSE CLADDING MATTER?
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

Picture by Damien Dufour


Control internal environment

By cladding your home walls, you are putting enough layers to help you control the weather in your house. You may not be able to control the weather outside your home, but with cladding you become the ‘god’ or the ‘zeus’ of your interior environment.

Prevent the spread of fire

Certainly, We do not wish for it to happen, but when your house cladding is well done and there is an instance of fire outbreak in your house, the other buildings around the endangered structure are automatically less at risk. This is because there are enough layers covering the house itself. These layers as stated earlier can be metallic, in wood, from stucco, stones, etc.

Extra Privacy and Security

Everyone values privacy and security, and cladding offers that as well. With cladding, your edifice is less at risk from natural disasters like hurricanes and weather instabilities like a strong winter. With the various layers added to the primary structure, you can also be sure that the sounds coming from your homes, or basically your family discussions will not be on all your neighbors’ lips the following day. The fact is that If your walls have been added you have extra privacy and security assurance.

Create an attractive external facade

Having a house with a good interior and exterior decoration is something to brag about. Most people usually value one over the other, making the balance between to two, actually rare to meet. When you select a very attractive design, while still taking into consideration what type of cladding is safe, you are sure that when your guests visit you they first fall in love with the external walls and start giving good feedback on it.

Property value

Always is good that If you ask any real estate expert, they will tell you the type of clothing used in a house is a very important factor in determining the value of the property. Perhaps This means that if the cost of the clothing used in your house is high, you are very likely to have a building with a higher market value. It is good to take the property value in consideration if you are thinking about selling or renting your property in the long term .

In short, there are many ways to go about your house cladding. You must first have in mind what cladding a house means and know the various cladding options you have at your disposal. Since You are hiring for the cladding is cost-saving to you and fully understand your needs. After the cladding is done and time goes on, it may also involve some additional care, maybe every year, depending on the cladding type. You can also read this article that will tell you about seven (7) improvements that will increase the value of your house.


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